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X-Rays & Testimonial

x-ray testimonial

Let me start out by saying that I have been under Dr. Ronald Dellanno’s care for over twenty years. In that entire time he has never let me down. His expertise in his field and undying patience are one of many fine qualities that make up a good physician.

The second week of September 2013 I woke up to an annoying pain under my right shoulder blade. My initial reaction was I thought I had slept in a weird position so I had my husband apply bio freeze to the area. Hoping it would go away. Much to my disappointment the pain only increased and by Monday afternoon I knew it was time to go down and see Dr. Dellanno.

Megan answered on the second ring and within 20 minutes I was laying on the chiropractor table. My pain was very intense and the initial adjustments given to me that day did not ease the pain very much. X-rays were administered and the diagnosis was pretty certain that I had a herniated disc in my neck and a pinched nerve which extended right down my right arm up to my wrist. I went home to ice hoping I would find some relief. A follow up appointment was made for Wednesday.

During this time I was still going to work but it became very difficult because I work with special needs children in a public school district and at times it is very physical. In addition I had not slept the last couple of nights. No matter how I twisted and turned I could find no comfort at all.

When I came back for my follow up appointment I was practically in tears and my face told the story of the total agony that I was in. Dr. Dellanno knew I needed more than the adjustments and told me it was time to try his decompression machine. Quite frankly I had never been introduced to it in the past so I was a little leery of the idea. A video was shown to me and Dr. Dellanno showed me my x-rays and explained to me in great detail how I could greatly benefit from this procedure.

We immediately went into his other room and I was told to lie down on the table. We started with a lighter weight and a headband type grip was wrapped around my head. A 15 minute timer was set and I started to feel the pull of my neck being stretched. I did not feel much improvement until my second visit with the machine but there was at least a small improvement. I decided to take the rest of the week off so I could ice and make my appointments with the stress of a busy school day.

By Saturday of that very same week I was feeling so much better. It was not perfect but still in all much improved. I was able to fall asleep better and I returned to work the following Monday.

As each week passed the pain was less and after twelve visits with the decompression machine I would say I was back to my old self by ninety percent. It was truly a blessing how I recovered so fast and as a precaution I continued treatments which totaled eighteen visits. I have totally recovered and have gained the strength back in my right arm and the grip in my hand.

Many thanks to Dellanno Family Chiropractic care and the fabulous decompression machine. This has saved me from a very unwelcomed possible future surgery. I am forever grateful and my confidence never wavered that I would rebound under Dr. Ronald Dellanno’s care.

Elaine D.

x-ray testimonial

I have been suffering from neck and back problems all my life and with my recent sciatica issues I knew I needed to seek help. Thankfully, I was recommended to the Dellanno Family Chiropractic Center. The Doctors set up a great treatment plan and within a few weeks my sciatica issue was cleared and within two months my Forward Head Posture problem has improved dramatically. I look forward to continue the treatment from this wonderful family team and to continue to feel as great as I do now!

Jennifer V.


This patient suffered from neck and arm pain caused by a combination of disc herniations, spinal stenosis, and vertebral misalignment known as vertebral subluxations. She received a combination of chiropractic spinal adjustments to realign the neck curve and non-surgical spinal decompression treatments to reduce the size of the herniated disc, which was producing arm and shoulder pain. The treatments were successful and she is no longer in pain.

Jennifer C.