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Gets Rave Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Reviews

What others say about non-surgical spinal decompression can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Dellanno Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email or contact our Bloomfield office if you have any questions.

Yours In Health,
Dellanno Family Chiropractic Center

Hip and Groin Pain

I suffered for months with pain in my hip and groin area that was so bad I would go home and go to bed at 6 pm. Even than I was only able to lay on my left side and got minimal relief. I went to my primary doctor and my gynecologist who prescribed pain medication that did not help. Everyone thought for sure that I was headed for back surgery including me! I finally had an MRI and brought the films to Dr Ron Dellanno who examined me and took additional x-rays. It turns out I had four herniated discs and recommended non-surgical spinal decompression treatments. After only a few treatments my pain started to subside. I can’t thank these doctors enough for giving my mobility and life back. I am now 98% pain free which I didn’t think could happen. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Dellanno Chiropractic Center, not only for helping me with my pain, but for all the caring and special staff members.
—Vivian Massina

Neck and Arm Pain

I suffered from severe neck pain that caused unbelievable pain down my left arm. My doctors said I needed immediate spinal surgery on my neck to relieve the pain. I did not want surgery. I was unable to sleep or lay in my bed due to the pain that was like an electric shock down my arm. I was forced to sleep in a chair for 4 months. I was referred to Dr Dellanno by several friends after I researched Non-surgical Spinal Decompression treatments. The team at Dellanno Chiropractic Center was very caring and thorough. Dr Dellanno examined my cervical MRI and took x-rays of my neck. I had two herniated discs in my neck that was pressing on the nerves going down my arm. I am now able to sleep through the night with no pain in my neck or arm. I had 20 spinal decompression treatments and that did the job. I am a construction worker and can now work normally. Thank you to the entire caring team at the Dellanno Family Chiropractic Center. You have helped me through a very painful period in my life.
—Jay Feola

Lower Back Pain, Leg Pain and Foot Numbness

I am in my 30’s and was suffering from pain in my lower spine down my legs with numbness in my foot. I was loosing bladder control and was told by my doctors to have lumbar spine surgery immediately or my bladder function might not return. I was afraid of surgery and decided to try Chiropractic. I was examined by Dr Ron Dellanno who looked at my MRI films, tested my spinal function and ordered x-rays immediately. I was told that the discs in my lumbar spine were herniated and that my neck misalignment was not only causing my neck pain but was contributing to my lumbar disc condition. I was started on non-surgical decompression treatments immediately. In a few weeks the pain was much less and my bladder function was normal. I want to recommend this to anyone who has herniated discs. The treatments were painless and very relaxing. I only wish others would recognize the true effectiveness and value of non-surgical spinal decompression treatments.
—Kate B.

Back Pain and Weak Legs

I am in my 60’s and was loosing the ability to walk because of back pain and weak legs. It was getting difficult to climb stairs. I made an appointment at the Dellanno Chiropractic Center because of a referral from my husband who was a patient there. The doctors were very caring and thorough in the examination. They took x-rays and ordered lumbar MRI tests. The tests revealed that I have several herniated discs and misalignments in my spine. The doctors started me on spinal adjustments which were helpful but my legs remained weak. Dr Dellanno decided to start me on non-surgical spinal decompression treatments. Within two weeks my legs were much stronger and now I can walk and am 98% free of pain. I am very grateful to these doctors and their staff for helping me get my life back. I would recommend this treatment. It is painless and a life saver for me.
—Julia G.

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