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Dr. Ronald Dellanno

Health Problems as a Teenager Introduced Me to Chiropractic

Bloomfield Chiropractor Dr. Ronald Dellanno

Dr. Ronald Dellanno

I am a chiropractor today because of health problems as a teenager. I was severely disabled by back and leg pain at the age of 14. My medical care included drugs, physical therapy, whirl pool treatments and joint manipulation by a medical doctor. Unfortunately, these methods all failed. My father was told by a trusted friend to take me to his chiropractor in Bloomfield, NJ. I was examined and received x-rays of my spine. The chiropractor then explained to us that the problem was caused by a misalignment in my spine called a vertebral subluxation and proceeded to give me spinal adjustments that relieved 5 years of excruciating pain and sleepless nights. The experience changed my life forever and led me to choose chiropractic as my life’s work.

Chiropractic Education

We Offer a Variety of Treatment Methods

Dellanno Chiropractic Center incorporates a spinal engineering approach to the correction of health problems caused by posture and spinal alignment injuries from accidents, sports and scoliosis/posture etiology. Our multi-doctor facility offers a variety of treatment methods to accommodate many spinal problems.

These methods include

  1. Precision spinal adjustments that are identified on x-ray of the affected spinal area.
  2. Sports rehabilitation
  3. Scoliosis care
  4. Spinal care and associated shoulder, knee, and hip injuries
  5. Non surgical spinal decompression treatment for arm, leg and back pain caused by herniated discs. ( we advise anyone considering surgery for herniated discs to consider this option first as it is an effective, affordable and safe alternative to surgery.Make an appointment and bring your MRI films to see if your condition will benefit from Non Surgical spinal decompression traction.

Dellanno Family Chiropractic Philosophy

Our philosophy is to relieve the suffering of our patients just as I was helped many years ago by a dedicated chiropractor. When you choose our chiropractic office we promise that you will get a compassionate team of personnel that will deliver our best effort to see you get well again.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our Bloomfield chiropractic office a call, or email me using the link below and lets arrange a time to explore your options.

Dr. Michael “Mike” Dellanno

Growing up With Chiropractic

Having a father as a chiropractor meant that getting an adjustment was always a part of my life. As I grew up, whenever I had a significant fall or illness I was always checked and adjusted immediately. At the time I never really put much thought into why I was getting adjusted or what benefit it could have. It was just something we did as part of our routine.

Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

As I grew older and started to work with my father at the office, I soon realized what chiropractic can do for people. Chiropractic is more than just taking the pain away. It was about caring for people. It was about helping everyone that walks into our door and lies down on our tables to be a stronger, more educated, and healthier individual. Whether it is Grandma with advanced arthritis, a middle-aged Dad with a herniated disc, a pregnant woman needing help with sciatica, or my favorite, the little guys from newborns into adolescence, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.

Rehabilitating Bloomfield Residents – One Spine at a Time

For the past 12 years I have been serving the community of Bloomfield. I have served them by not only by taking away the boo-boos and ouchies, but to also safely and accurately rehabilitate their spines. The multidisciplinary technique we use gently places the vertebrae of the spine back into their natural position without the twisting cracking manipulations traditional chiropractic utilizes. This coupled with an education on proper ergonomics and supportive strengthening and stretching exercises, will not only help to correct your condition, but will keep it from coming back again. We do not rely on medication or surgery, but solely by helping the body’s own innate ability to heal itself.

We Accept Most Insurance

We participate with most of types of insurance. Call our Bloomfield chiropractic office and talk to any of our assistants to verify your coverage. If you don’t have insurance, do not worry. We feel that everyone should have an opportunity to receive chiropractic care regardless if they have insurance or of their financial standing. We have affordable financing and family plans as well.

So if you’re tired of treating symptoms by popping pills and are ready fix the cause of your problem, give our chiropractic center a call.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you.

Dr. Christa Pescatore

Being Raised With Chiropractic Was a True Blessing

It’s been a true blessing being raised with chiropractic! My earliest memories were being taught “keep your spine in line and you’ll be fine!”. We received regular adjustments to stay healthy, whenever we were sick, or even took a tumble!

I Started My Chiropractic Journey as a Chiropractic Assistant

My journey to becoming a chiropractor started when I began my first job working at the front desk of my dad’s practice! I saw first hand how many patients were healed through chiropractic. I saw my dads dedication and passion for his patients! I saw him work tirelessly to help each and every one of them. I am a nurturer at heart so following my fathers footsteps and becoming a chiropractor was a natural progression for me!

Chiropractic Education

My undergraduate studies were completed at Seton Hall University. I received my chiropractic education at Life University. I enjoyed learning everything about the body- from biochemistry to anatomy and physiology. My most inspirational teacher was and still is my dad. His knowledge of spinal biomechanics and biophysics has been a priceless tool in our practice.

I Love My Chiropractic Patients

I enjoy treating patients from the very young to the very old! I have two small children of my own who receive spinal adjustments as part of their wellness care. Being a mom I know first hand the importance of raising a healthy family. I also have had the positive experience of having chiropractic care through both of my pregnancies. My elderly patients are some of my favorite! I enjoy seeing many of them stay active and increase their quality of life. Along with alleviating their pain many of our seniors are able to continue enjoy many activities such as gardening, yoga, swimming, and running after their grandchildren!

It’s been a pleasure sharing our chiropractic story. Please feel free to contact our chiropractic center so that we can discuss your personal health challenge. We are here to help you take your first steps to better health.